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Data Validation QGIS Plugin

Mineral Resources

We developed a QGIS plugin to validate externally-provided environmental data, to ensure integrity before loading into the MinRes GIS database.

  • QGIS
  • Python

A large, complex operation like MinRes requires a great deal of external support, including the execution of environmental studies. Each of these studies typically results in a set of GIS data, and often the data requires significant manual processing before it can be used in the company GIS.

This processing can be labour intensive and error prone. To mitigate this, large organisations often provide data standards to their service providers. However, providers may not always the standards consistently.

To address this, we developed a user-friendly QGIS plugin that checks data against the standard, and immediately provides feedback on where the data may have issues. With this plugin, in-house staff and external consultants can easily check the quality of their work and rectify outstanding issues before submission.