QGIS Training

Indigenous Mapping Workshop Australia

This incredible event brought Aboriginal people from all over Australia to learn mapping skills and share their stories about how they work to care for their country.

We were invited to collaborate on developing and delivering the QGIS training stream. Over two days, with 25 learners, 6 assistants, and 2 trainers, we explored the fundamentals of QGIS in the context of a hypothetical Aboriginal fire management program..

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By connecting the technical aspects of QGIS to real-world scenarios familiar to someone working on country as an Aboriginal Ranger, we aimed to deliver an engaging program with relevant learning outcomes.

In the first ten minutes of the QGIS stream, each of the learners talked about how they use (or want to use) mapping to take care of their country and community, and it became immediately clear we were working with a powerfully motivated group of people.

The energy level remained consistently high over the session, and by the end of day 2, everyone was comfortably using QGIS to manage data, make maps, and prepare their data for field work. It's exciting to think about the many ways QGIS will be put to use in communities around Australia!

IMW Australia is organised by Winyama, an Aboriginal owned and operated company. Winyama is facilitating the digital engagement of Indigenous people and communities with a skill building program, comprising online learning, regional and national training events.