Specialists in
Geospatial systems, Data,
and Web apps

Our geospatial expertise helps you connect your users with up-to-date, relevant, and contextualised data in an interactive experience.

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We've developed versatile skills in over 20 years of managing and building spatial systems in various professional domains. As active and passionate members of the global open source geospatial community, we're also connected to a broad network of talent.

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A great map is about communication, and uses clarity, purpose, and design to connect with its audience. To achieve this connection, we need empathy and understanding. We place a high value on this aspect of our work, and our mission is to incorporate these principles into everything we do.

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Small is beautiful

As a small team of skilled professionals, engaged with a broad network of collaborators, and with low overheads, we offer excellent value for money.

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Open source

We love open source, and we're excited by the rapid innovation happening in this space. We also work with proprietary software, and understand how to integrate it with open source software in hybrid systems, for the best of both worlds.

What we do

Customer-facing business applications

Interactive web app, Seer Analytics

An attractive and user-friendly application, featuring interactive web maps and spatial business analytics. Originally conceived to serve a specific client base, and later refactored to be scalable to a broader audience. Developed in conjunction with Seer Analytics (USA) to modernise its client offering.

Tech: Python/Flask, PostGIS, Geoserver, OpenLayers, VueJS

Internal business systems

GIS Web Portal, API Management

A system for staff to discover, maintain, and interact with company data holdings. Combines off-the-shelf and bespoke components, and integrates data from internal (asset tracking, exploration, heritage surveys, compliance) and external (Native Title, tenements, environment, weather & wildfires) sources.

Tech: SQL Server, ArcSDE, ArcGIS, QGIS, FME, PostGIS, Geoserver, Leaflet, PHP

Public-facing applications

Live Race Tracker, Percy DeWolfe Memorial Mail Race

A way for this annual dog sledding race in remote northern Canada to reach a global audience. Integrates a CMS for race personnel to keep information updated before & during the event, an automated data pipeline with live GPS dog team locations, an interactive map, and real-time race analytics.

Tech: Drupal, PostGIS, Python, MapBox, GPS, NodeJS, React, D3

Spatial data systems

Database management

At the heart of a great information system lies a well designed data model. We understand that the true power of geospatial data is realised when it integrates with other information. We design, build, and manage databases incorporating spatial with other data types.

Tech: PostGIS, SQL Server, MySQL, ArcSDE

Data pipelines

When data is ever-changing, you want to make sure you're using the most current information possible. Managing this manually can be time consuming and error prone. By building automated systems for the ingestion & processing of data, we can improve timeliness, quality, and consistency, all critical components of a trusted system

Tech: FME, Python

User-managed data

One of the key pillars of a data system is the people who contribute, edit, and review data. Viewing data is one thing, but creating and editing it adds a degree of complexity. We have experience building systems to allow users of all levels of experience to manage their own data, using desktop GIS, Content Management Systems (CMS), and custom web-based interfaces.

Tech: Drupal, Flask, Django, ArcGIS/QGIS

Other organisations we've worked with: Yamatji Marlpa Aboriginal Corporation - Jupiter Mines - Tr'ondëk Hwëch'in First Nation - Aboriginal Areas Protection Authority - Government of Yukon - Government of Western Australia - Government of Canada - Landchecker - Yukon River Breakup - Klondike Active Transport & Trails - Tourism Industry Association of Yukon - City of Dawson - Yukon Environmental & Socioeconomic Assessment Board

Our team

John Bryant

John Bryant

Geospatial developer & GIS consultant

Cameron Poole

Cameron Poole

Full stack developer

Cholena Smart

Cholena Smart

Web developer